[permaculture] Urban Farming

Paul Cross charybda at newmex.com
Fri Apr 25 12:15:39 EDT 2014

I certainly find there's a useful distinction between market farming in 
urban areas and personal gardening to help feed your household. Market 
urban farming is working in a monetized system. Growing some of your own 
food and sharing the surplus perhaps does not need to enter into the 
stricter realms of cost accounting.

Still, if you're buying an urban home or suburban home and you choose a 
larger lot with good aspects so you can grow food, you are probably 
paying more than you would for a similar home that has hardly any yard 
space around it. Toby figures since it's home food production, it's 
outside the accounting realm. You gotta live somewhere, and maybe it 
doesn't add that much onto your 30-year mortgage to live on a bigger 
lot.  I'm a banker's son, so I figure it costs something. Yet when it 
comes to sourcing good food, I really don't care very much what it costs 
me. I value good food.

Richard's initial post was an example of what journalists call burying 
the lead. The real essence of his post was about cooperating with like 
minded people, working toward more local food production, shifting a 
little of one's consumption away from industrial agriculture, educating 
people how to do this, and sharing the surplus food. All that is great 
stuff that I can get behind. But he led off his post with being tired of 
food prices in stores rising greater than the rate inflation, prompting 
my post.

As he gets going in his project, I bet he will get a lot more excited at 
the relationships he builds with people, the food, and the plot of earth 
he tends, and not get all that excited about how much money he's saving, 
if saving any at all.


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