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Thu Apr 17 08:09:52 EDT 2014

 I think most snakes are able to take baby mice, which are very small 
 when just born.
 I don't know how well the snakes can smell them, supposedly young deer 
 have minimal odour.
 I have noticed garter snakes in an apple orchard being thought by an 
 experienced grower to be a sign of increasing vole numbers.

 Doug Woodard
 St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

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> True enough.  I don't need to take one problem and make it into a 
> larger
> problem.  My short list is:
> 1) Perches, nest boxes, and modifications for more raptors (hawks and 
> owls)
> 2) rat snakes...or more snakes in general.  Laying down coverboards 
> between
> trees provide refugia for them and they're always on guard!
> 3) shrews...even though they are much smaller, they will chase voles 
> into
> their burrows to kill them

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