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> Lawrence,
> thanks for the reply.  what is DHW?

DHW = domestic hot water, i.e. hot water for household use, or farm too.

> I have lived more than half of the last 40 years with wood heat (and
> oftentimes cooking). Some years I have done it without a chainsaw. I am sad
> that right now his house has electric heat. but I own a wood cookstove, two
> wood heat stoves, one-man crosscut, axes, hatchets, mauls, wedges &
> sledges. Part of my Plan B stash. My guest yurt is wood heated.

Good for you. I am finishing a rocket stove for cooking and DHW; will post
pix when done. I have learned three things about RS:

1 - fuel feed tube must have a dividing plate to separate fuel from air
2 - fuel must be fed slowly so as not to lose btu's in polluting smoke with
unburned combustible gases - completely burned wood leaves a small amount
of very fine white ash (powder)
3 - for optimal performance using sticks. twigs, kindling and other small
sized fuel
 - use 4" steel tubing
 - fabricate an L-shaped burner
 - fuel feed tube should be no longer than 1' max (otherwise limits intake
air flow)
 - vertical combustion column can be 3' or possibly a little more (I find
that the extra length is needed to more completely burn the fuel
 - mount L-shaped burner inside a large diameter metal can or stacked cans
(5 gallon steel buckets are excellent for this purpose or re-purpose) and
pack ceramic insulation batts around the
   entire unit from bottom (especially under the burner) to top and pack it
to remove air voids; could possibly use perlite - ceramic insulation is
best and most efficient at containing heat within
   the burner - the goal is not to lose any heat before it reaches the cook
pot or water kettle
Properly tuned it will make a roar when operating at max efficiency.


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