[permaculture] North American Permaculture History Project

Michael Pilarski friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 11:08:24 EDT 2014

Historical List - Proposal by Michael
There hasn’t been a list of PDC
teachers for the US and Canada since John Irwin’s 1998 American Permaculture Directory. It listed most of the PDC
teachers at the time plus many PDC graduates and other useful resources. 
I propose we do something spectacular
along these lines at the NAPC (North American Permaculture Convergence). If
even half of us brought a special contribution or snippet of information, it
would add up to a lot.  Of course there
are lots of internet resources, but I don’t think anyone has compiled a list of
PDC teachers.  
is my proposal.  Someone(s) goes through all 91 issues (as of Spring 2014) of the Permaculture Activist. Make a data base
which lists every PDC instructor mentioned in the Events and Calendar sections.
Start at Issue #1 and work up. Enter the first year that a PDC instructor’s
name appears. Add each following year that their name appears.  Print it out.  That would give us a list of PDC instructors, the year they started
teaching, the last year they taught and how many years their name
appeared.  Personally, I would be
fascinated to read the list. 
Of course, not all PDC instructors
advertise through the PC Activist,
but it would be a darn good start.  We
can post this print-out at the NAPC and people can help fill in the missing
pieces.  After the NAPC add in the new
names and post on-line for everyone to view.  This could be further added to and edited if someone wants to take this
on as a continuing history project. Most courses (but not all) in the USA and
Canada list in the Activist. PDCs in
Mexico do not get into the Activist,
by and large. Who can fill in that part of the directory? 
I do have a complete set of the Permaculture Activist back issues, but
it is currently boxed in storage. Anyone willing to collaborate on this project
please contact me at friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com
- Michael Pilarski

PS. This is part of a larger North American Permaculture History Project. 

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