[permaculture] Advanced Permaculture- Whole farm Design- Central Florida this January

Jono Neiger jono at regenerativedesigngroup.com
Mon Oct 7 08:48:30 EDT 2013

I'll be teaching teaching an *Advanced Permaculture Course, Whole Farm
Design*, in Florida this January. If you or someone you know might be
interested, please get in touch.

This will be an in-depth exploration of permaculture approaches to land and
farm and design of the whole farm.

*Whole Farm Design***

*Advanced Permaculture Course with Jono Neiger*

*January 2014*

"Earth Learning <http://earth-learning.org/> and Big Small
Farm<http://http/bigsmallfarm.org/>are proud to present Jono
Neiger <http://www.regenerativedesigngroup.com/index.php?id=4>, an
experienced Permaculture teacher and designer, teaching an Advanced
Permaculture course, *Whole Farm Design*, right here in Central Florida!
This course will be very valuable for permaculture designers, farmers, land
owners and anyone who wants to get their own master plan design

This is an in-depth exploration of permaculture approaches to land and farm
and design of the whole farm; a course in two sections over 7 days. You may
take one or both sections.

*Course description**:*

*Part 1: Foundations of Whole Farm Design (January 10 – 12)*, will be an
in-depth exploration of the key aspects of land use including water,
landform, soil fertility, productive plant systems, and agroforestry. These
individually-focused days are a chance to delve into the solutions,
challenges, and techniques for building and maintaining a productive,
integrated, and efficiently run farm or homestead. This part will give
participants the knowledge base to begin to put the pieces together during
part 2: Whole Farm and Homestead Design.

*Optional Field Trip (January 13)*: A field trip is being planned to mature
forest gardens/farms, where we can see and analyze permaculture design
principles and elements on the ground. The field trip is optional and can
be taken together with the full class or with any of the 2 parts.

*Part 2: Whole Farm and Homestead Design (January 14-16) *will step-through
a thorough and detailed design process which unwraps the complexity and
mystery of the land and guides design and implementation. Using Big Small
Farm, a non-profit farm incubator, as our learning laboratory we will
follow the design process from the goals, through understanding the layers
of soil, slope, water, microclimates, etc. through to developing design
ideas and integration solutions that can be implemented and utilized at BSF
in the years to come. (Note: Part 2 generally should not be taken by
itself, unless you already have sufficient knowledge of the topics we will
cover in Part 1.)

This course, taken as a whole or either parts separately, can be a catalyst
for those who have begun to understand how permaculture and permaculture
design can transform landscapes and communities into productive, whole
entities and create business niches, vitality and health in the land and in
the food we grow on it.

The classes are from 8:30am to 5:30 pm each day, with one hour lunch break
(see Schedule for details)


Camping on-site is included, outdoor shower and flush toilet available.
There is also a primitive bunkhouse on-site and plenty of hotels and B&Bs


We generally enjoy a mild climate but it may go below freezing for a couple
of hours – that only happens once or twice every year though, so there is a
good chance it won't happen during our class (average high and low
temperatures for January are 70F and 44F).

*For more information or to register go to:*

Earth Learning Advanced Permaculture

Or Contact me:
Jono Neiger
Regenerative Design Group
1 Chevalier Avenue
Greenfield, Ma 01301

Conway School
Graduate Program in Sustainable Landscape Planning & Design

PINE; Permaculture Institute of the Northeast


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