[permaculture] Cinder Block = Fly Ash?

A Sampson-Kelly april at permaculturevisions.com
Sun Mar 31 19:05:02 EDT 2013

hi there,
If Cinder Blocks are cheap or free, then it is tempting to use them.
There would be some conditions for reduced toxicity.
1. ok If you live in a very dry area there will be less erosion due to 
rain however, if they are used in zone 1 where you might be watering 
regularly, then avoid their use.
2. you could consider using them for other projects such as outhouses 
that people don't spend time in. (tools shed, foundations for chook house)
3. Cinder blocks could be used a rat and fox-proof floor in pens and 
covered with organic matter.

Ash from the stove is a good alkaniser and can be used in paths to keep 
the weeds low. mix it with organic material so the dust is less likely 
to fly up as people walk along.

*April S-Kelly*

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