[permaculture] salvaging wood: photinia

Frances and David fdnokes at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 31 15:32:10 EDT 2013

Wondering about photinia, both wood and leaves and what their effects might be for composting, burning, or building.

We are salvaging wood from the huge pile that the city made in clearing out the brush behind our house (and others) for a bicycle path.

Green Wood for the Garden: 15 easy weekend projects using freshly cut wood – by Alan and Gill Bridgewater

is one reference that has provided us with inspiration (see my previous post re: woven raised beds)

We are also interested in using those pieces that resemble rotten wood for the bottom of higher raised beds a la huglekultur.

Photinia is the one that has me foiled for now.  Apparently, its main use has been as a tool for gentrification of the land? and have not found anything about its uses for salvaging.

Our plans, then, are to have wood for: building, burning, and as a base to a high raised bed.  (In our NW Pacific climate with huge rains in winter – leaching minerals – and very little rain in summer – threatening drought – huglekultur style looks very appealing indeed!)


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