[permaculture] beyond this stage of the 'rider'

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> good time to re-share the quote that L dug up from his archives:
> 'This is an excellent post from Lion Kunz, rare vintage private
> reserves
> Lion, from the ancient cellars of wisdom and knowledge. Here's a
> wonderful snippet that I think permaculturists will appreciate; talk
> about ethics!:
> "The real proof of intelligence is demonstrating that you understand
> how to integrate living systems together so that everybody's life is
> improved in the whole food web. The landscapes are littered with
> burned out farms and burned out rivers and burned out oceans -- that
> is not any display of intelligence. Pay your farmworkers fair wages,
> regardless of their species, and grow brains instead of chemical
> industry fortunes."
Credit to Lion. Hope he is doing well and thriving. He could be contentious,
and with his friends too. I looked at the document by starhawk that skeeter
referenced as
a useful tool for organizing a group of people around a common purpose, an
event, a goal.
There is a section in it entitled "Dealing with problem people". I had to
They would have to rewrite that to accomodate enigmatic people such as
Lion, who would go
out of his way to alienate everyone in sight on occasion, water off a
duck's back for those who knew
where he was really coming from and appreciated his creations, insights,
knowledgebase and ongoing projects.
He was the founding member of the Bad Boys of Permaculture fraternity.
The ranks of that venerable organization have swelled significantly over
the decades....:-)

> frances
> shared this with a friend -- her comment: should be on bumper stickers!

It really should be. It is classic.

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> Before the revolution obviously. After the revolution and after all these
> corrupt  thieves and murderers have been hung from the nearest lamp posts
> not at all.
> John

Don't sweat it; they'll neutralize themselves eventually and fizzle out,
leaving the spoils to

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