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>> >     Does anyone have any clue as to how ge alfalfa is justified? or
>> >     promoted?
>> >     As far as I know, alfalfa is the treasure of farmers...
>> >     Easy to grow, highly nutritious, deep nitrogen fixing roots.
>> >     We are in the midst of discussions here: a moratorium on ge crops on
>> >     Vancouver Island,
>> >     with a local contingency that is ‘pro-technology’ in farming having
>> >     most recently been aroused.
>> > disgusting fools.the hell with them.........greedy morons
>> > shut...that....entire....gmo/chemical ag world........out of your
>> > life...Block It Entirely.
>> > end of story
>> > fist raised with two fingers forming V for those holding firm against
>> > intrusion into our world by this monstrous abomination
>> > and keep it out of Cuba too
>> > pure unbridled rage at those bastards
>> > Go Permaculture!
>> >     Alfalfa and a ge apple seem to be key issues for us here at the
>> moment.
>> > Tell them to go to hell and stay there and take their insults to Life,
>> > Earth and Mankind with them.
>> > They themselves are miscogenations, unfit to associate with society.
>> > You asked..
>> > LL.
>> In a primitive tribal society surviving in a remote wilderness they
>> would have either been doomed outcasts or beggars dukeing it out with
>> others of their kind for a crust of bread left behind by the village
>> dogs. They would be despised outcasts for their unwillingness to
>> cooperate for the common good of the tribe.
>> Its the same with those who support the fracking debacle, ones who
>> would never allow it in their own backyards but would encourage it on
>> investment property they own well away from them, adjacent to an organic
>> farmer or functional, productive rural community.
>> LL
>From another conversation I had with a friend:

> The lands of the Four Rivers are exactly the lands where everyone lives
> today in the Near East. So the site of the original "Garden of Eden" is a
> place that cannot be found. It "is" where everybody now is.
>  You take a nice garden. Invite half a billion people to live there. Give
> them 5,000 years to plow it up, try out their non-sustainable farming
> practises, crap on it...
> And then you have 500 wars on it, conquests, bloodshed, finally in the
> past century you start to bomb it, poison it, dig it up and divert the
> waters (as was done in the Iraqi Marshlands) and then sow the place with
> depleted uranium fragmentation bombs...
The Iraqui marshlands are (were) where the Marsh Arabs live (lived). That
marshland is (was) the largest marine estuary in the Middle East. Under
"certain governmental entities'" man Hussein, those marshes were drained,
poioned, channeled. There is a great documentary on reclaiming it; damming
up the drainage canals to allow flooding of very large areas of the former
marshlands. So far this has been successful and much of the former wildlife
has returned. I think only a small percentage of what was destroyed has
been reclaimed.

   1. Mesopotamian Marshes - Wikipedia, the free
   The Mesopotamian Marshes or *Iraqi* Marshes are a wetland area located
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   The *Iraqi Marshlands* constitute the largest wetland ecosystem in the
   Middle East, with environmental and socio-cultural significance. Since the
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    *Iraq's marshlands*: Resurrecting Eden - CBS
   Jul 24, 2011 – 60 Minutes on CBS News: *Iraq's marshlands*: Resurrecting
   Eden - Scott Pelley reports on the restoration of *Iraq's marshlands*.
    Environmentalist fights to restore *Iraqi marshlands* known as biblical
   2 days ago – One U.S.-*Iraqi* citizen hopes to replenish the unique
   wetlands in southern *Iraq* destroyed by Saddam Hussein.
    *Iraq's Marshlands* Face A Second Death By Drought :
   www.npr.org › News <http://www.npr.org/sections/news/> ›
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   Mar 9, 2009 – *Iraq's* southern *marshlands* were once as famous as the
   Florida Everglades; they supported a vibrant culture based on fishing,
   water-buffalo *...*

Remember also the destruction of all those oil wells in Iraq and the
resulting fires and smoke pollution? Of course they will restore Iraqi
agriculture to its former glory, with monsanto controlling the process
(someone put that in the revised Iraqi constitution) using gmo seeds,
herbicide, no telling what other pesticides, chemical fertilizers, non
sustainable tillage and other cultural practices....all to profit a very
small number of corporate persons and their stockholders.
And then you have what it is now. A treeless flat dusty spot, where it hits
130 degrees in the summertime. The former Garden of Eden.

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