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 Foliar Fertilizer
27, 2010

ABONO FOLIAR CASERO<http://nica-aviva.blogspot.com/2010/05/biofertilizante-fermentacion-y.html>


12 lbs. fresh cow manure
1/2 block of sugarcane, or 1 lb. white sugar, molasses
3 litres milk (fresh from cow if available)
4 oz. ash from fire

1 5- gallon bucket with lid
syphon or ruber tubing

Dilute cow manure, sugar, milk, and ash in enough water to fill at least
half the bucket.
Mix well, removing any clumps from the mixture.
Once mixed, fill the rest of the bucket with water.
Cover with lid. In the lid carve a hole just the right size to place the
syphon or rubber tubing.
Place one end of rubber tubing in the lid so it is in contact with the
Place other end of tubing in a 1 or 2 litre soda bottle.
Leave bucket in a cool dark space.
Mix daily for 7 days and then let sit 3 days without stirring.
After 10 days, strain the solid material and pour the liquid into a pump
Apply 2 or 3 litres to one pump sprayer and dilute with 18- 20 litres water.
Apply every 8 days to the foliage of crops to give them a boost of N, P, K.

The application of this fertilizer has best results when applied in the
early morning or evening, when the sun and hot temps cannot burn the
fertilizer applied to the leaves.


Source: Puddle Jumping in
Fermentation and Fertilization

(Note: This is another example of “cutting the EM hype” with the use of
milk and molasses, out on the farm. Beneficial indigenous microorganisms.)

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