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sorry if I wasn’t clear, but the issue re: soybeans, was the clearing of the 
land, and its seizure from those who are used to living on it...
just pointing out that there is not a clear path to a more respectful diet.
I think that is, perhaps, important to realize.
On the fish eating note, came across a chart the other day that had some 
interesting fish information, though I certainly cannot speak for its 

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On 3/22/2013 5:18 PM, Frances and David wrote:

> P.S. Have read that many horrors have occurred in the name of
> producing more tofu.  Biome and habitat destruction, and more.  Not a
> respectful activity when it involved culling the local people!

That is bad but organically grown may be produced under more humane and
environmentally sensitive conditions. I have decided to eat tofu and
tempeh on a regular basis nut I eat no red meat any more other than a
little canned chicken and a fair amount of canned and dried fish:
from asian stores, packaged, dried:
pollock or other white fleshed fish
I may try canned tuna again if I can find a mercury-free source
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