[permaculture] The death of the Russian village | openDemocracy ||| Abandoned village in Karelia, Russia.

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Thanks for posting the link to the Pinterest photo of the abandoned village in Russia and other abandoned human constructions. They are hauntingly beautiful and thought provoking. They make me think of the many biblical references about how people wither like grass and fade like flowers.

All the best,
Joan Huyser-Honig

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The death of the Russian village | openDemocracy http://www.opendemocracy.net/od-russia/matilda-moreton/death-of-russian-village

Traditionally Russia’s agricultural land was subdivided into a patchwork of villages and fields, interspersed by forest and marsh. Now the villages are deserted and
crumbling: the state closes
them down, often on a whim, and young people leave to find work elsewhere.
Matilda Moreton tells the tragic story based on fieldwork in the Russian North.

Abandoned village in Karelia, Russia.

One of many thousands of villages just like it scattered all across the vast Russian territory.
This is the Russia of Andrey Rublev's peregrinations. He would feel right at home amid this picturesque decrepitude.
Another six-seven hundred years from now -- when people of the Earth either will have long since reverted to their cave-dwelling past as a result of a couple of unfortunate nuclear altercations or become totally immortal and autonomous from their bothersome bulky bodies and independent from the shackles of geography and the basic laws of physics, having successfully colonized most of the planets in the solar system and capable routinely of covering in a matter of minutes the distance between their offices on the Moon and their summer houses on ruggedly beautiful Uranus, say -- this village, and thousands of other Russian villages like it, would still look exactly the same.
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