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John D'hondt dhondt at eircom.net
Thu Mar 14 21:18:05 EDT 2013

All the pertinent fact would take years to do Lawrence. It is happening 
every day. Some reccon there were 2 million orphans in Iraq alone. And for 
what. John Perkins whit his "Confessions of an economic hitman" can set you 
on the track.
What Mao, Stalin and Hitler did was vile but all these three have been dead 
for a long time while the attrocities go on in South America, Africa, Asia 
and the Middle East. It would be a bit simplistic to put the name of US 
presidents up as culprits for they were/are all riding a steed they have not 
(fully) under control. And some presidents that tried were killed. But 
I would advice you to try and get a copy of the book "Gladio by Richard 
Cottrell" ,ex European Parlimentarian, journalist to give you an idea of 
what happened in Europe and elsewhere since the end of WW2. Count the 
casualties in Europe maybe. It might also give some insights in why the 
brand new pope became pope with his reccord of aiding and abedding dead 
squads in Argentina.
This is all very depressing and I can still not condense hundreds of books 
and thousands of data in a few paragraphs.
And if I should disappear of line I may already have said too much.

> On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 5:15 PM, John D'hondt <dhondt at eircom.net> wrote:
>> 2) If we look around the world it is obvious that millions of people have
>> been exterminated in the last decade alone by certain Western powers. And
> If you are going to make a statement like that then include all the
> pertinent facts:
> Add China and Mao (don't forget the Marxist rebels spawned and funded by
> Chinese Maoists that carried out an insurgency/civil war in Nepal in the
> not too distant past) and Russia and Stalin; casualties from either far
> exceeded that caused by Western powers.
> And if not then I would like to get back to permaculture.
> Do that anyway, always, all the time.
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