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   I am a VET of 26 years and very much a soldier for the cause of
Horticulture and Permaculture My BIO 

10 years over seas  

Persian Gulf and Most recently Iraq 2004 to 2006 but any way I have Gather
material from all around the world Where I have traveled threw out the

  We are modern but have only been in Biz since 1994 I came off active duty
in 1992 and then really went to work.  We import and export and some of the
material we as soldiers in other lands have seen or tried I have going and
if you email me off list I can send you a list of most all the plants we

 If I can be of any help with our fellow soldiers and any one in the list
just let me know. 


 I know this is a plug for us but we want to help if possible so feel free
to contact us. 


We do offer first rate plants and plant material so If I have anything of
interest just let us know.


Thank you and good growing






Thank you

Kumme and Clifford England

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Specializing in alternative crops.

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When I was in the US Army I used to daydream, in the .12 seconds of free
time I was rationed for such activities, that instead of weapons we'd have
shovels, instead of machine guns, a pair of loppers. And instead of playing
war, we would be working orchards.


Turns out I wasn't alone- since august of last year 16 veterans have traded
itchy trigger fingers for a green thumbs at VETS_CAFE permaculture
trainings. We want to expand our network and aim for 50 more vets by the end
of this year to go through our program. We've helped 2 veterans start small
permaculture farms and want to add two more farms to the list in the next
year. We've got 3 vets with college credit taking the course and want to up
that to 20.


And then we want to train a cadre of vets to do what they asked for- to go
back to the middle east, to Iraq, Afghanistan,? and to be of some service.
I've heard it from more than half the vets I've worked with "WHY ARENT WE
SENDING PERMACULTURE TO AFGHANISTAN?" When they see what we can do they know
immediately that some atonement is possible. After being lied to and used,
they are recognizing a place to make and ethical stand and actually care for
the people. 


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