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Scott, I recall reading an article on that and it is in part what has has inspired me. Also, the work Danaan Parry, co founder of Peace Trees Vietnam, and others who have seen through the veil and understand that the machinations which drive war are one in the same with those that drive global economies and ecosystems to ruin vis a vis industrial ag, range, forestry and water management, etc. Thanks your your vote of confidence; Once we have these vets out there greening the deserts at the landscape scale with human scale means (I hearken back to the model provided by the civilian conservation corps), the truth will be self evident- we have enough. we are wealthy. It is best to work together, to share and to enjoy. http://kck.st/V3FYUX

I'll take shit. I know how to compost. ;)

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I managed to train 22 ANG troops in permaculture before they went off to
Afghanistan courtesy of the National Guard.  The feed back I have gotten was
that the USDA was very busy trying to convert the Afghan farmers into
chemical farmers and GMO seed.  Seems no opportunity is too small for
corporate Amerika!

I also managed to get a shitload of criticism for teaching those soldiers
from my fellow permaculturalists.  

Good on you Deston!!

Scott Pittman

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