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Subject: [Market Farming] Fwd: Vegetable grafting website available
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Hello all,

This new website with a great deal of high quality info on grafting maybe
of interest to some of you.

Although Grafting is used to superficially and artificially resolve some 
agricultural problems it creates others that are not only worse,  but 
impossible to resolve, in their place.  Grafting represents a failure to 
understand or respect the integrity of another living organism and I 
regret it being promoted here on this list.  Plants produce life giving 
substances and the legitimate role of Man is to study, comprehend and 
work with rather than against creatures with capacities that we 
ourselves do not possess.

I have no doubt what-so-ever regarding the validity of that statement 
and personally, eat nothing from grafted trees.  Any country subscribing 
to this USDA promoted mistake is unlikely to convince those accustomed 
to consuming the fruit of whole (rather than composite) organisms. This 
same mentality led to GM crops. Don't fall for it. Stick with 
evolutionary viable breeding and reproductive strategies.


> Enjoy!
> Jerome
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>      Hello, All.
> I am pleased to announce the availability of a comprehensive web-based
> portal for research-based information on vegetable grafting …
> http://www.vegetablegrafting.org/
> A small but very skilled team (David, Ron, Dawn and others at Apex
> Webstudio) constructed the website. The portal currently houses content
> obtained from two major sources: 1) publicly-available university and
> USDA extension-research documents and 2) technical contributors
> representing the academic, USDA and industry communities, only some of
> whom are directly associated with the USDA-SCRI project named at the
> portal. My role was to coordinate the process (i.e., integrate the
> construction/appearance and content development aspects). Stephanie
> Short at OARDC and the USDA-SCRI Grafting Project” Extension, Outreach
> and Teaching Working Group assisted throughout.

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