[permaculture] Rock Dust

venaurafarm venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Mar 8 11:45:46 EST 2013

On 3/8/2013 11:29 AM, Koreen Brennan wrote:
> If you saw the damage phosphate mining does, I don't think that
> anybody would think it is ok. A waste product of the mining is
> flouride - but an extra toxic form of it. Instead of paying to
> dispose of this toxic substance, the phosphate mines have a sweet
> deal - cities pay THEM for the flouride, to put it in our water. We
> had a mafia election last election that booted out all the county
> people who voted to remove flouride from our water (after a long
> battle by citizen's groups), and they put some yes men in, illegally.
> There are lawsuits, etc, gearing up. It's a dirty, mafia business.
> They're supposed to clean the wetlands and other ecosystems that they
> destroy but don't do it a lot of the time. They are polluting a very
> integrated, porous and delicate ground water system here. The water
> flows for miles and miles underground through caves, etc, in a karst
> system. And most of the phosphate is used to keep toxic GMO
> conventional ag going full blast. Their plants would keel over and
> die without it.

That's horrible and much worse than I knew. However, you are talking
about Florida and the phosphate mines there. I don;t know about the
extent of damage caused by the NC, Tennessee and Idaho mines; maybe they 
are managed in a more ethical way observing environmental practices.

I still stand by using the rock phosphate product no matter where you
get it and I recommend that any gardener or farmer that needs it should
use it and not an inferior alternative but try to find a source that is
better than the Florida one which has the worst quality of all and takes 
longer to break down and provide plant-available P.

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