[permaculture] TESTS & EQUIPMENT required for a functional SUSTAINABLE AG LAB?

Chris Carnevale c.s.carnevale at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 16:25:41 EST 2013

Hi Douglas,

I'm not sure about what kind of equipment you would need, but certainly
soil testing would be important.  If seed regulation is something you want
to do, you might want the capacity to test the viability of batches of
seeds.  A germplasm repository would be very helpful (similar to the
University of California germplasm repository).  If you want to conduct
research at the laboratory, a breeding program/variety trials for your
locale would be valuable.

Chris Carnevale
Charleston, South Carolina

On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 10:17 AM, Douglas Hinds <cedecor at gmx.net> wrote:

> Farmers, Academics and Rural Development Specialists:
> The Alliance for Social and Environmental Responsibility in Development
> (formed by the State Biological and Agricultural Science Faculty, the
> two major Collective, Independent and Indigenous Farm Organizations and
> the Center for Community and Rural Development), have decided to
> collaborate and reopen lab facilities closed a few years ago by Mexico's
> worst ex-Secretary of Agriculture and increase the services offered, to
> support the needs of Permaculture, Organic and Fair Trade Farmers.
> To that end, I am soliciting opinions regarding the Tests and Equipment
> required to perform an optimally useful and comprehensive service in
> support of a Sustainable, Equitable and Integral Society, in which both
> farmers and consumers have access to the information they need to be
> aware of what the food they consume actually contains.
> Identifying the variables present in the Environment food is grown in
> (soil, water, beneficial and pathogenic organisms present, the
> substances those organisms produce and the conditions they require to do
> their work) are valuable adjuncts to farming and help assure desireable
> results.
> The studies performed should also be able to determine whether
> transgenic genes and / or toxic chemicals are present in tissue, soil or
> water samples, as well as appraise the soils fertility and determine
> which (if any) nutritional elements are lacking for optimal as well as
> any other factors relevant to granting or denying organic certification.
> In conclusion:
> Which kinds of analsysis should be offerred by a competent Agricultural
> Laboratory in support of Organic, Biologically Integrated, and / or
> Sustainable Farming Systems?
> And
> What equipment is best suited for carrying out that purpose?
> Thanks in advance for your creative and / or constructive suggestions.
> Douglas Hinds
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