[permaculture] TERRA: The Earth Renewal and Restoration Alliance

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    Celtic Tree of Life
©1990 by Jen Delyth <http://www.celticartstudio.com/%20target=_blank>
<http://www.dyarrow.org/EC/home.htm> * The
Renewal &
Alliance *   * 450-year-old
Red Cedar
Schoharie Valley, New York <http://www.dyarrow.org/home.htm> *  The Earth
Charter <http://www.dyarrow.org/home.htm>
Planetary Peace <http://www.dyarrow.org/home.htm>
Climate Change <http://www.dyarrow.org/home.htm>
Champion Trees <http://www.dyarrow.org/champions/home.htm>
Ancient Forests <http://www.ancientforests.us>
FertileSoil <http://www.carbon-negative.us/soil/home.htm>
Food Systems <http://farmandfood.org>
Living Water <http://www.dyarrow.org/home.htm>
Nutrient Dense <http://www.nutrient-dense.info>
Sacred Space <http://www.dyarrow.org/sacredspace/home.htm>
Hueman Healing <http://www.dyarrow.org/lymph.htm>
New Warriors <http://www.mkp.org>

* New York Champion
Forbus Street, Poughkeepsie <http://www.dyarrow.org/home.htm> *
 *We have on our side
one great force
the power of Creation
with good care, with kindly use
to heal itself *
 *www.dyarrow.org *webmaster <dyarrow at nycap.rr.com> David

*The Green Dragon* <http://www.dyarrow.org/yarrow.htm>

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