[permaculture] Berms, catchments, swales and now stonelines (bund), and hugelkultur

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Nice link.  I just finished writing up a grant project we did on the 
farm that incorporated water catchment into our seasonal creek channels, 
with a little bit of hugelkultur (basically burying logs into creek 
terraces).  I need to do some mop-up work this summer/fall, but there's 
a rundown of the process and a link to a string of pictures here





>/ From a Facebook page: Avantgardens
Climate Change Adaptation Technology: Stonelines.

Stone lines or "bunds" slow down runoff, incerease water infiltration and
for the basis for improved production in semi-arid areas. At the same time,
sediment is captured behind these semi-permeable barriers. Stone lines were
originally a traditional technique in the Sahel, but have been improved by
careful construction, and through alingning on the contour. Stone lines are
suited to low slopes, high runoff and hand labour. A simple remedy that
really works. Wide and deep planting pits are often used in combination,
acting as microcatchments within the field.


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/>/  > Hugel Builders,
/>/  >
/>/  > I am seeking pictures of hugels in construction and finished states for
/>/  > the hugelkultur chapter in my upcoming book. I have shots of my hugel
/>/  beds
/>/  > but they are massive and I'm wanting to share examples of small to
/>/  moderate
/>/  > beds for a mostly suburban audience.
/>/  >
/>/  > Any pictures would be most welcome and any used would give full credit
/>/  and
/>/  > links.
/>/  And at permies.com, the subforum growies contains a 25 page thread on
/>/  hugelkultur with text, diagrams and photographs; you can contact the
/>/  authors directly for usage permission. I think you are a user there,
/>/  Michael.
/>/  http://www.permies.com/forums/f-117/hugelkultur
/>/  Start at page 25:http://www.permies.com/forums/posts/list/960/17#174887
/>/  I second Lawrence's suggestion about permies. In fact, Paul encourages use
/of his material (with some limits) if full credits are given. See his use
of my stuff thread <http://www.permies.com/t/9878/tnk/stuff> for more info
on using Paul's or permies.com info - including his article at
http://www.richsoil.com/hugelkultur/.  <http://www.richsoil.com/hugelkultur/>

/>/  > If the book in the Kickstarter link below looks of interest then please
/>/  > consider a pre-order to help get the first printing off.
Good luck on your Kickstarter!


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