[permaculture] To Pinch or not to Pinch

georg parlow g.parlow at gmx.at
Fri Jul 5 04:08:09 EDT 2013

Hi Jason,
to my experience it depends on the climatic situation. If it is warm  
long enough, dont bother (unless you wanna have an easy harvest rather  
than digging for your fruit trough heaps fof leaves). If you have  
short summers, the plant puts an annecessary amount of energy into all  
these shoots and green fruits, that it will not be able to ripen.

I find it best to keep the first fat sideshoot - it almost looks like  
a forking, usually about 30 to 70 cm up the stem. I have a trellies  
and hang down string, that I attach to the two shoots per plant, and  
wind them around it. Hope this makes sense.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Georg Parlow
g.parlow at gmx.at
1230 Wien, A-Baumgartnerstr. 4/B1/013

Am 24.06.2013 um 18:15 schrieb Jason Gerhardt:

> I'm curious to get a sampling of perspectives about pinching back
> side-shoots on tomatoes. I'm running a variety trial this year (for  
> my own
> interests) and was in the crop yesterday really wondering about the
> side-shoot pinching practice. I learned this method a decade ago  
> from a
> mentor and have been practicing it, perhaps blindly, ever since.  
> Since I
> have three or so plants from each variety I think I will pinch some  
> and not
> on others, and practice that good ole observation science.
> So what say you epic gardeners of this list? To pinch or not to pinch?
> -- 
> Jason Gerhardt
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