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>From Scott Pittman's Permaculture Institute Facebook page:

More on IPC 11 Cuba

The Eleventh International Permaculture Conference & Convergence (IPC11),
Cuba (Nov/Dec 2013)

For all the information, including prices and payments, in English and
Spanish, please check www.ipc11cuba.com.

For direct contact with the organizing group in Cuba, email to:
ipc11cuba at fanj.cult.cu

Community Projects, Conferences, Courses/Workshops,
Presentations/Demonstrations, Social Gatherings — by Roberto Perez Rivero
June 20, 2013

Permaculture has for more than 30 years been an innovative system of
techniques based on the best practices of traditional cultures of the
planet, knowledge learnt from Nature and its ecosystem functioning and the
adoption of new technologies that are ecologically friendly. All of this,
combined with deep ethics and design principles to integrate the different
dimensions of sustainability in human settlements — like energy, water,
transportation, financing, human communities and other issues — makes
Permaculture a unique experience for those that have been practicing it
since the late 1970s.

Island people have been very active with the development of Permaculture;
it all started in Tasmania and was established in New Zealand soon after.
These limited territories with finite resources, distinctive cultures,
relatively low biodiversity and high endemism, are ideal for the
development of Permaculture systems. But island territories are also the
most affected and threatened by extreme climate change events, high
population densities, loss of traditional languages, techniques and
cultures, and the worst trends of globalization — like the destruction of
natural resources and the extension of big corporations and destructive
forms of tourism.

Cuba, that started using Permaculture in 1993, brought in solidarity by
Australian activists, has been accumulating experience and our Permaculture
movement has integrated efforts with other important groups in the country,
like Agroecology, urban agriculture, traditional knowledge rescue and
others. This is also all within the framework of an environmental policy
that puts priority on conservation and reforestation, promoting development
with low energy use and low greenhouse gas emissions, and a dignified form
of life for Cubans based on universal access to basic services like health,
sports, culture, education and healthy food.

Los Cocos, site of the Convergence

We hope to share our modest achievements with the worldwide Permaculture
community, with emphasis this time on islands and urban territories and its
challenges. Traditionally IPCs are held every two years and switch between
continents. Past host sites have been Australia, USA, New Zealand, Nepal,
Scandinavia, Croatia, Brazil, Malawi and Jordan.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Cuba this November!!

The IPC11 Cuba Organizing Group.

IPC11 Cuba 2013 — Key Events and Dates

Pre IPC International PDC — 11-24 November, 2013 Cueva de los Portales
camping Site, Pinar del Río, Cuba With a Highly qualified team of
Professors from USA, UK, Canada and Cuba.
Conference Dinner and Gala
– 24 November, 2013
Havana, Cuba
International Permaculture Conference
– 25-27 November, 2013
At the Pabellón Cuba, in Vedado, Havana, Cuba With many important
Permaculturists already confirmed to present.
Visit to Urban Permaculture sites –
28 November, 2013
Havana, Cuba
Convergence –
29 November – 3 December, 2013
To be celebrated at Los Cocos Camping Base, Mayabeque Province, Cuba There
is still space for presentations at the Convergence, please contact us.
Permaculture Tours –
>From December 4th, 2013
Three choices that include the provinces of Matanzas and Sancti Spíritus
and the best preserved traditional Spanish Villa in Cuba, Trinidad.

For all the information, including prices and payments, in English and
Spanish, please check

For direct contact with the organizing group in Cuba, email to:
ipc11cuba at fanj.cult.cu

There is an early bird discount of 10% for those that register before July

> The 2013 International Permaculture Congress IPC11 Cuba
> http://ipc11cuba.com/
>  Dear Permaculturists of the world!
> During the last International Permaculture Convergence (IPC), IPC10,
> celebrated in Jordan in September 2011, Cuba was chosen as the host for the
> next IPC, IPC11, and we will be doing it this NOVEMBER 2013!!
> As well as our friendly company you will enjoy a range activities to get
> involved in here including:
>    - a Permaculture Design Course facilitated by internationally renowned
>    teachers: Ron Berezan (CA), Brock Dolman (USA), Paulo Mellet (UK), Eric
>    Toensmeier (USA) and Cuba’s own Roberto Perez Rivero.
>    - a 3 day Conference with the theme "Island Permaculture, Urban
>    Permaculture, and Permaculture and Climate Change"
>    - a 5 day Convergence and
>    - visits to permaculture and sustainability sites in Havana and two
>    Provinces of Cuba to see examples of Permaculture CUBA STYLE!
> Dates are listed on the panel to the right.
> From all of us permies here in Cuba we would like to say THANK YOU for
> this wonderful opportunity to show off our work and hard earned experiences
> and to continue our learning and exchanging with international participants
> and collaborators… so
> WELCOME to the Caribbean, WELCOME to Latin America and WELCOME TO OUR
> Sincerely,
> *The Cuba Organising Team *
> From the Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation for Nature and Humanity
> 2013 IPC11 Key Events and Dates
> *Pre IPC International PDC*
> 11-24 November, 2013.
> Havana, Cuba
> *Conference Dinner and Gala*
> 24 November, 2013
> Havana, Cuba
> *International Permaculture Conference*
> 25-27 November, 2013.
> Havana, Cuba
> *Visit to Urban Permaculture sites*
> 28 November, 2013.
> Havana, Cuba
> *Convergence*
> 29 November-3 December, 2013
> Los Cocos, Mayabeque, Cuba
> *Permaculture Tours*
> From December 4th, 2013

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