[permaculture] The 2013 International Permaculture Congress IPC11 Cuba

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Tue Jul 2 14:24:28 EDT 2013

The 2013 International Permaculture Congress IPC11 Cuba
Dear Permaculturists of the world!

During the last International Permaculture Convergence (IPC), IPC10,
celebrated in Jordan in September 2011, Cuba was chosen as the host for the
next IPC, IPC11, and we will be doing it this NOVEMBER 2013!!

As well as our friendly company you will enjoy a range activities to get
involved in here including:

   - a Permaculture Design Course facilitated by internationally renowned
   teachers: Ron Berezan (CA), Brock Dolman (USA), Paulo Mellet (UK), Eric
   Toensmeier (USA) and Cuba’s own Roberto Perez Rivero.
   - a 3 day Conference with the theme "Island Permaculture, Urban
   Permaculture, and Permaculture and Climate Change"
   - a 5 day Convergence and
   - visits to permaculture and sustainability sites in Havana and two
   Provinces of Cuba to see examples of Permaculture CUBA STYLE!

Dates are listed on the panel to the right.

>From all of us permies here in Cuba we would like to say THANK YOU for this
wonderful opportunity to show off our work and hard earned experiences and
to continue our learning and exchanging with international participants and
collaborators… so
WELCOME to the Caribbean, WELCOME to Latin America and WELCOME TO OUR

*The Cuba Organising Team *
>From the Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation for Nature and Humanity

2013 IPC11 Key Events and Dates

*Pre IPC International PDC*
11-24 November, 2013.
Havana, Cuba

*Conference Dinner and Gala*
24 November, 2013
Havana, Cuba

*International Permaculture Conference*
25-27 November, 2013.
Havana, Cuba

*Visit to Urban Permaculture sites*
28 November, 2013.
Havana, Cuba

29 November-3 December, 2013
Los Cocos, Mayabeque, Cuba

*Permaculture Tours*
>From December 4th, 2013

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