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Las Cañadas Mexico Sustainability Film and Book Project by Ed Dooley —

Restoring the cloud forest, living cooperatively & sustainably, and
treading lightly on the Earth, that's Las Cañadas' mission!

*See what 350.org founder, Bill McKibben, has to say about our project in
the video above, and what author, Julia Alvarez, has to say in her videos
below! Please share our Kickstarter campaign with your friends and family
on Facebook, or email it to them. It will really help make this successful!*
*Documentary Film & How-To Guide For Living Sustainably*

*This documentary film at Las Cañadas is part of a larger project that
includes a separately funded Spanish language film version, and two books,
in English and Spanish, that Chelsea Green Publishing has agreed to
publish- they'll also distribute the films.*

*Esta película documental en Las Cañadas es la parte de un proyecto más
grande que incluye una versión de película de lengua española por separado
financiada, y dos libros, en inglés y español, que Chelsea que la
Publicación Verde ha consentido en publicar - ellos también distribuirán
las películas.*

I produced a DVD last year about perennial vegetables with Chelsea Green
Publishing author Eric Toensmeier. That took us to an amazing place, Las
Cañadas, a mile high cooperative farm in the cloud forest of western
Veracruz State, Mexico. It sits in the shadow of the 3rd highest mountain
in North America, the 18,500 foot snow capped volcano, Pico de Orizaba.
The sole focus of our time there was perennial vegetables, but I was
immediately drawn to the larger story of Las Cañadas, the story that is yet
to be told, of a truly democratic cooperative of 22 families living in
harmony with the Earth while producing their own food, building materials,
and alternative energy. The story of Las Cañadas is one of hope and
inspiration. At a time when many Americans think of Mexico as a lawless
place of drug cartels, the people of Las Cañadas, and others like them
throughout Mexico, are shining examples of the positive things happening in
their country.

The 3+ hour-long documentary will be divided into 2 sections; one will
focus on the people, mission, and philosophy of the cooperative, their
political cooperative structure, struggles & successes, and their role as
stewards of the land & as teachers. The 2nd section will give hands-on
how-to details of the polyculture, bio-intensive gardening, permaculture,
and other practices that make them a role model for those of us looking for
ways of living sustainably.

Our crew will be filming at Las Cañadas multiple times throughout the year
(the travel costs are a large part of the budget for this project), staying
two weeks each time, to give a real sense of what life is like there
year-round. We'll also leave a camera at Las Cañadas for the people there
to document events that occur while we're away.

*What Is Las Cañadas, And Why Does It Matter?*

Las Cañadas means the ravines, or glens. http://www.bosquedeniebla.com.mx/
(in Spanish only)

The people of Las Cañadas have a dream of living in harmony with the Earth,
to give back more than they take, and to help others attain the same goal.
Their years of hard work in restoring the cloud forest, of living
sustainably, and providing all their own food & shelter, have resulted in
their reaching out to people who want to learn from their mistakes and
successes. The intensive workshops at Las Cañadas include polyculture,
bio-intensive gardening, permaculture, composting, renewable energy,
poultry and dairy management, bamboo as building material, and much more.
Students from all over Mexico, and volunteers from far afield see Las
Cañadas as a living laboratory to study ways of healing the Earth.

*A Few Words About Our Project In A Video From Author Julia Alvarez*

Many of you know Julia Alvarez as the author of *How the Garcia Girls Lost
Their Accents*, *In the Time of the Butterflies*, *Yo!, *and many more. But
you may not know that she and her husband also own an organic coffee farm
in her native Dominican Republic. http://www.cafealtagracia.com

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