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> On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 1:46 AM, loren luyendyk <loren at sborganics.com>wrote:
>> I see real potential for a permaculture food revolution there,

And if they don't and are swallowed up by multinational agribusiness they
will have noone to blame but themselves

> and for not having their own internal revolution and overthrowing the
> corrupt repressive dictatorship they are trying to survive under.

Very poor choice of words. This should have read: forming an all inclusive
coalition to effect government migration toward a system that serves all
Cuban equally and moves the country forward to national sovereignty, self
sufficiency and freedom from dependence on foreign countries, replaces by
participation in global trade exchanging the best Cuban products for
currency, products and services from trading partners. I like the idea of a
new form of government called Communalist Democracy, one of the few
remaining countries where this would work.

The Cubans have everything going for them for converting their national
agriculture to a vast working network of natural permaculture market farms.
They can do this now.
and get back to basics with local industry functioning within a national
network, building local and community economies and local farming for local
sales. Let their government do what governments do best, health, education
and welfare, defense, national transportation infrastructure, energy
production and distribution, emergency services, carefully chosen foreign
trade (they could make a fortune on tobacco products, organic tobacco!
organic raw sugar! artisanal organic rum! other tropical gourmet foods,
organic tropical fruit: all citrus varieties. If the US lifted the Cuban
embargo trade with the USA for these goods could generate significant
income for the Cuban people. And they seem to have vast offshore oil
reserves. After reading about all the disapointment amongst IPC11 attendees
with Cuban agriculture, gardening and permacultureand Loren;s unbelievable
description of Cuban mainstream monocrop chemical based agriculture I an
surprised that they have done so little over the decades to move toward of
national independence and self sufficiency in food production using
natural, sustainable, regenerative, permacultural methods and materials,
providing Cubans with a robust diet of maximally nutritious food and having
a surplus to export to other countries. Look at Mexican agriculture and how
much is exported to the US; the best Meyer lemons in US stores for
starters.; This is a prime opportunity for open ended brainstorming about
utopian scenarios involving ultimate permaculture and natural market and
homestead agriculture, networking and product distribution in Cuba as well
as in other countries.  My idea for a product and services production,
marketing and distribution national network would work for those people.
Cubans need to develop robust systems of local permaculture market
agriculture.to preserve and enhance local production of goods and preserve
and protect the pristine unspoiled countryside, wilderness, fragile
ecological zones and coastline. What about a massive influx of natural
farming and permaculture expertise helping to guide Cuba toward natural
self sufficiency and independence?

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