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On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 3:59 PM, Steve Hart <stevenlawrencehart at gmail.com>wrote:

> good viewpoints there Scott n Andrew. Some may say you are becoming a
> grumpy ol'man there Scott....but I do sympathise with you. Being a PC
> purist my self I have commented many a time on the watering down of many
> elements of Permaculture. Where many many things toady are called PC which
> are very firmly not. So what do we do about it ?    Simple, strengthen
> every aspect..quite simple in theory. In practice, well quite a strategic
> challenge. Is it worth it ? What are the consequences if we do nothing ?
> The recent conference series of the European
>  Permaculture Teachers Network goes a long way to evolving this strategic
> journey...perhaps its time Scott, Andrew et al to call a Nth American PC
> Teachers convergence and ask delegates from Europe to assist..or otherwise
> send a few Nth Americans to the last two conferences in Europe. The last is
> in July in Bulgaria in association with the European Conference...any
> takers ?...Steve Hart

This is a wonderful suggestion, Steve, good timely advice.
A limited number of people will go long distances to attend
convergences though for the teachers and consultants it should be viewed as
part of the cost of doing business, i.e. a necessity;
still some will not be able to attend. What about everyone else? potential
teachers, designers, consultants as well as serious practitioners
to name a few. Couldn't the PC professionals add to their websites a
feature that serves to get people together and network them to move closer
to reaching the goals you have described
and link one professional's site to another. For solidarity! For the future
of permaculture as WE envision it.
The poseurs (you know who they are) are using the work of legitimate
permaculture community members to further their own personal causes without
any thought of the future of the movement
and making strides to bring permaculture to the lives of as many people as
possible around the world. You and I and others know the potential but
making it happen is another matter.

What about creating some kind of online portal that serves as a magnet to
attract newbies and those already immersed in the practice of permaculture,
one that brings them to one place where they can then locate and visit
other sites, forums, blogs, a hotlinked online encyclopedia of permaculture
connecting anyone and everyone serious about this discipline to the
resources, individuals and organizations they are interested in.


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