[permaculture] A Permaculturists Perspective on 100 Year Floods

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 16:06:55 EST 2013

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 3:51 PM, Jason Gerhardt <jasongerhardt at gmail.com>wrote:

> Lawrence,
> I don't give my work to PRI anymore, but this was over a year ago when I
> was still holding out hope that I could make a positive impact with the
> community over there. More so, the coastal article was a response to
> someone demonstrating poor understanding at PRI, rant and raving under the
> guise of science about Hurricane Sandy. I had to set the record straight.
> Have no fear, though, I am done with those guys and letting them use my
> work to promote the random collection of stuff they are calling
> permaculture news.
Wunderbar, Jason. I din;t feel that those folks deserve good free work from

Maybe PRI & Permies will have an Epiphany and recognize the rest of us as
working toward the same goal of bringing permaculture to Earth,
! Hopefully sooner than later.

> Thanks for forwarding your friends comments. They are constructive and
> excellent. I couldn't agree with him more. Mainly that article is about a
> place I love and the destruction of it in the name of development.
> Hopefully that article might inspire some to think differently when the
> next storm forces rebuilding.
Mike is a creative and deep thinker and researcher. I was sure you'd
benefit from his comment.
Speaking of places to post stuff we write, like here pri, permies,
wikipedia, reddit, facebook, google+,

I wonder if someone could create an alternative site we could all use and
apply peer review to submissions?
I have a ton of stuff on soil quality I had hoped to put online somewhere
as one single large body of information.

Google Sites actually works quite well for this as you can bring in Google
Drive, You Tube, Google+, Picasa and share access between a number of
If there is interest one of us could create the site and add owners.

Cheers to all and here's to ushering in an abundant new year!
> Jason
> I hope you, friends, family have a great Christmas and New Year with many
happy returns to come.


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