[permaculture] A Permaculturists Perspective on 100 Year Floods

Jason Gerhardt jasongerhardt at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 15:51:13 EST 2013

I don't give my work to PRI anymore, but this was over a year ago when I
was still holding out hope that I could make a positive impact with the
community over there. More so, the coastal article was a response to
someone demonstrating poor understanding at PRI, rant and raving under the
guise of science about Hurricane Sandy. I had to set the record straight.
Have no fear, though, I am done with those guys and letting them use my
work to promote the random collection of stuff they are calling
permaculture news.

Thanks for forwarding your friends comments. They are constructive and
excellent. I couldn't agree with him more. Mainly that article is about a
place I love and the destruction of it in the name of development.
Hopefully that article might inspire some to think differently when the
next storm forces rebuilding.

Cheers to all and here's to ushering in an abundant new year!


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