[permaculture] A Permaculturists Perspective on 100 Year Floods

Chris Carnevale c.s.carnevale at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 09:47:00 EST 2013

Jason, thanks for this excellent article on urban flood management. This 
is a big issue we're dealing with all the time here on the Southeast 
coast, with sea levels rising, and making antiquated drainage 
infrastructure obsolete. In Charleston, we already have a nice urban 
tree canopy but we could certainly improve how much impervious surface 
paves over the roadside vegetation.

Chris Carnevale

On 12/12/13, 9:05 PM, Jason Gerhardt wrote:
> Here is a link to an article I recently wrote about the extreme flooding
> that Colorado experienced this Fall and what a Permaculture Design response
> to the event could look like. Continually pluggin' away to get people to
> see water from a different perspective in Colorado...
> http://www.coloradopermaculture.com/seeding-sensible-solutions-in-a-world-of-extremes-a-permaculture-perspective-on-100-year-floods-and-beyond/
> Jason Gerhardt

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