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Marjory Wildcraft forestgarden at gvtc.com
Thu Aug 29 10:39:30 EDT 2013

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to hire a Content Manager. I wonder if you know of someone 
who might be good for the job?  I know I am asking a lot - I want 
someone who is really exceptional, an A+ player, and someone who would 
thrive on deeply meaningful work.  Someone who is already happily 
employed. And at this time, I can only afford someone about half time.  
Hopefully that will change pretty quickly....  I want it to become full 
time as soon as revenues make it possible. People who work for me tend 
to stay forever, and I love that.  It is a pretty dynamic job and there 
will be lots of professional development. What that really means is 
things change all the time and if you like to learn and figure things 
out, then you'll find this job rewarding.
I've written a job description below.  If you know someone who would be 
a good candidate, tell them to send me their resume to 
media at marjorywildcraft.com <mailto:media at marjorywildcraft.com> and make 
sure the subject line says "Content Manager Application PermList 
Referral".  I'll be collecting and reviewing resumes over the next few 


Marjory Wildcraft

Contract Position: Content Manager

Hours: self-directed, part-time, 80 hours per month

Department: Engagement Division

Compensation Range: $15 - $25/hr.

Job Description: The Content Manager is responsible for the management 
and organization of the online presence and customer interaction 
automation sequences.  The Content Manager receives articles, videos, 
podcasts and other media from the content contributors.  The main 
objective of the Content Manager is to increase the sites rankings 
(SEO), and to help increase overall sales for the organization.

- Uploading and posting content on the organizations blog, YouTube 
channel, podcasting, and article distribution networks.

- Proof reading and maintaining content quality and style standards.

- Managing the editorial calendar and coordinating with content 

- Uploading and maintaining website(s) advertising and banners.

-      Load up and manage email drops; both broadcast and follow-up 

- Backup content, site, and system files

- Occasional research to support content creation.

- Participate in company marketing brainstorming sessions

Skills and Attributes Needed: 4-years experience in operating blogging 
and/or Internet marketing businesses.  A natural born spell-checker and 
grammar nitpicker.

Proficient in WordPress, HTML, Microsoft Office, and Email 
autoresponders.  Infusionsoft and/or video editing experience a plus.  
Excellent Organization and Time-Management Skills, Excellent 
Communication Skills, Dominant and Creative Approach to Problem Solving, 
Able to Balance Multiple Projects, Detail Oriented With Dependable 
Follow Through, Positive Outlook, Desire to Learn and Grow and Take on 
Increasing Responsibilities

Career Path: As the organization grows, the position will expand to 
full-time, and then to managing a team.  Other possible paths include 
sales & marketing, customer service, or operations.

Values of Position: The Content Manager position must match exactly our 
Company’s stated values.

Supervisor: Engagement Division Manager

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