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Subject: Support delegate to Permaculture Congress in Cuba November 2013

Dear potential Permaculture Malawi supporters

Attached is a flyer asking for support for International Permaculture
Congress in Cuba in November 2013.  Please share widely through your

Eston Mgala is up for attending IPC11 in Cuba, he has submitted his
application to IPC11 committee for funding and needs our help in raising
funds.  Eston Mgala had applied to attend the last convergence in Jordan
but there was only enough funding for one person and he graciously stepped
down to allow for another candidate to attend.

We need about 3,500 USD minimum to support Eston.  If we raise more than
that we'd love to see a female Permaculturist attend as well (come on
ladies, don't be shy, become a leader!).  One person has approached us with
funding for Eston but it probably won't be enough to cover all the costs.

IPC10 Jordan    Eston Pembamoyo was supported
IPC9   Malawi  Most of us attended
IPC8   Brazil     Patterson Majonanga was supported
+ Walter Mugove Nyika through his own sponsorship has attended a few.
(there is more history, but this is recently history!)

Can you help us out?   If anyone would like to provide a donation in Malawi
Kwacha I can convert it to foreign currency, contact me and we'll find a


Stacia Nordin, RD (Registered Dietitian)
Sustainable Nutritionist with NeverEndingFood
c/o FAO Box 30750, Lilongwe 3, Malawi(+265) 999.333.073 or 888.208.260
(Malawi is +2 GMT)NordinMalawi at gmail.com www.NeverEndingFood.org

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Hi again!
Stacia Nordin made a nice flyer (thanks a lot!) with the text I was
sending you yesterday - it puts the topic of support more to the
foreground - which might be helpful if you want :-) to go in that
direction and forward it.

Best regards,

João Gonçalves

"Trees growing people growing trees" - "Árvores que cultivam pessoas que
cultivam árvores"

"Permacultura (Cultura Permanente) é um sistema ético de design ecológico."

(+351) 96 96 80 009
Chão Sobral - Oliveira do Hospital - Serra do Açor - Portugal

Permacultura na Serra do Açor - Portugal
"Comida que nunca acaba" / Permacultura no Malawi
Centro de Ecologia Integral
Nyumbani - Kenya
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