[permaculture] Event : Victoria, BC Food Forest Training Workshop with Richard Walker. May 18-19, 2013

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Mon Apr 29 18:55:33 EDT 2013

Victoria, BC Food Forest Training Workshop with Richard Walker. May 18-19, 2013
 All around the world, perennial food systems are being recognized a 
major way forward to feed the planet and to restore ecosystems. Join 
Canada's own master of food forests in Victoria this 
May! Learn to use this technique in small spaces or...Learn how to 
change the agricultural landscape and create food security for 
generations to come by mimicking forest systems using edible and 
medicinal species. The earlier you register, the less expensive the 
course. Sign up today and learn more details here.


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Note: If you can't attend the weekend workshop, you might be interested in these shorter talks by Richard and his wife.

Evening Talk #1: An Evening with Richard Walker Friday, May 17th 6:30

The day before the Food Forest Weekend event,
 Richard will be doing a talk to build support for Victoria's own food 
forest - Spring Ridge Commons. We'd love to have you there to share in 
the fun! $10 advance tickets.

Details and registration here: 


Evening Talk #2: Prescribing from the food forest - May 18th - 7pm

This BC physician shares her experience both through anecdote and the 
latest science on the healing value of locally grown, nutrient rich 
food. Having lived and worked half of her life in Sub- Saharan Africa 
she compares the malnutrition issues in so -called developing countries 
to the very real malnutrition epidemic of metabolic syndrome, heart 
disease, stroke and cancer that we in Canada are challenged by. She 
demystifies the theories around the causes of these illnesses and gives 
good evidence to the fact that, at its core, the roots of this is 
nutritional deficiency is conventional food. As a psychotherapist she 
underscores the empowerment that food autonomy gives to individuals, 
communities and societies.

Details and Registration here:**


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