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Hi Anne

Thanks for organising a lovely day today. You'll be happy to know the
flighty chook Goldie did not go far and was recovered by bedtime. She'd
stopped in on an old friend (one she made after her first escape) laid an
egg at this on a perch outside her bedroom window, and settled in on this
favorite wall for the night - where I saw her.... and promptly went around
to retrieve. Neighbour has a perfectly fresh egg for breakfast tomorrow and
Goldie is back on the perch with her chums.


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> Nutrient Dense Crops, Remineralization, High Brix -  Online Resources
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> The Real Food Campaign
> http://realfoodcampaign.org/home
> Organic, biodynamic, local, macrobiotic, raw, vegan… there are so many
> choices for those of us who are concerned about the quality and vitality
> of our food, it can almost be dizzying. But one thing is certain: it all
> starts in the soil. Your food is only as good as the ground it is grown
> in. Soil that is denuded and has little or no mineral or vitamin content
> produces food that might fill our bellies, but leaves our bodies craving
> the bionutrients it needs to build healthy and happy lives. Only soil
> that is vital can produce food that is vital, providing you with what
> your body needs for health and well-being.
> The Real Food Campaign (RFC) is calling for a return to food that is
> packed with life-sustaining elements. A hundred years of commercial
> farming and soil erosion have eroded our health. Once rare or unknown
> diseases like Parkinsons, ADHD, and Alzheimers are becoming more common
> and are linked to a deficiency in minerals that were once present in the
> soil and the crops we grew and ate. The Real Food Campaign is calling
> for a return to food that tastes better, keeps longer, and replaces our
> need for a handful of multivitamins.
> -
> Documents
> http://realfoodcampaign.org/documents
> This page contains links to general information pertinent to the Real
> Food Campaign, as well as the slide presentations from recent RFC
> Workshops.
>       Call to Action
> http://realfoodcampaign.org/sites/default/files/BFA_call-to-action.pdf
>       The PDF version of the Call to Action issued by the Bionutrient
> Food Organization & the Real Food Campaign, a call for gathering support
> to launch a thorough, science-based exploration into what actually
> constitutes quality in our food, how it is determined, and how reliable
> measurements and tools can be made available to growers and consumers in
> a useful and empowering way.
>       Principles to Produce Nutrient Dense Crops
> http://realfoodcampaign.org/sites/default/files/PrinciplesToProduceNutrientDenseCrops.pdf
>       This is the PDF version of the PowerPoint document that Director
> Dan Kittredge uses in workshops to farmers around the country. You will
> soon be able to purchase an audio file of him presenting this material
> to the Eco-Farm Conference in California.
>       2011 Nutrient Guide
> http://realfoodcampaign.org/sites/default/files/2011_Nutrient_Guide.pdf
>       Food composition tables for more than 400 natural and conventional
> foods, with a special update on America's vanishing nutrients, as
> compiled by Alex Jack of www.amberwaves.org.
>       Glossary of Terms
> http://realfoodcampaign.org/sites/default/files/RFC_Glossary.pdf
>       Definitions of terms used in the courses. An evolving document.
>       Refractive Index of Crop Juices
> http://realfoodcampaign.org/sites/default/files/RefractiveIndexOfCropJuices.pdf
>       A Brix chart that specifies the parameters for poor, average, good
> and excellent Brix for a large number of crops.
> <>
> Ask the Plant
> Proactive Fertilization Management For Better Yields and Quality At
> Lower Cost
> http://asktheplant.com/
> Texas Plant and Soil Lab
> http://www.texasplantandsoillab.com/
> Texas Plant and Soil Lab, established in 1938 in the heart of the Rio
> Grand Valley, is a leading national testing lab for Soil, Plant, and
> Water analysis.
> For over 70 years we have been perfecting the process of laboratory soil
> analysis, the Daubeny Extraction Method, utilizing Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
> to mimic the way plants naturally take in nutrients, and the Albrecht
> system of fertility balancing for optimum crop yields.
> <>
> Weston A. Price Foundation
> Nutrient Dense Food & High Brix Farming and Gardening
> http://www.westonaprice.org/farm-a-ranch/nutrient-dense-food-high-brix-farming-gardening
> <>
> TERRA: Nutrient Dense
> http://www.nutrient-dense.info/gateway.htm
> To restore human health by renewing the minerals and life in soils
> to optimize the nutritional quality of food.
> To support farmers to apply the biological science principles
> of 21st century agriculture in effective soil stewardship.
> To create Standards, Certification and Marketing
> to deliver authentic Nutrient-Dense foods to consumers.
> The Nutrient-Dense Project
> Farming and Food for the 21st Century
> http://www.nutrient-dense.info/Articles.htm
> <>
> Remineralize the Earth
> http://remineralize.org/
> Remineralize the Earth is a nonprofit organization assisting the
> worldwide movement of remineralizing soils with finely ground rock dust,
> sea minerals and other natural and sustainable means to increase the
> growth, health, and nutrient value of all plant life. Adding minerals
> and trace elements is vital to the creation of fertile soils, healthy
> crops and forests, and is a key strategy to stabilize the climate.
> <>
> High Brix Gardens is an undertaking of International Ag Labs. For the
> past 25 years International Ag Labs has been a leading proponent of
> quality foods and animal feedstock. Our approach has been to help
> farmers achieve quality by enhancing nutrient availability, microbial
> stimulation, and plant health.
> http://www.highbrixgardens.com/home-highbrixgardens.html
> Grow Your Own Nutrition!
> highbrix-gardens-grow-nutrition
> High Brix Gardens is all about helping you improve your health by
> growing the highest quality produce.
> What is the difference between health and disease? What is the
> fundamental cause of disease? What is true health and how do foods fit
> into this matrix? The answer to these and many other perplexing problems
> can be summed up in one word: energy. It is energy that determines the
> degree of health or disease. It is the lack of energy that causes
> disease while the right kind of energy causes us to be healthy. Food is
> an energy package that can push us toward health or away from it. Energy
> is associated with the minerals in foods. Thus the higher the mineral
> density in foods, the higher the energy available to the body. This
> balance of energy can be termed nutrition. Sickness and disease are the
> result of a nutritional deficiency—not a drug deficiency.
> Read more: Grow Your Own Nutrition!
> Victory Gardens for the 21st Century
> http://www.highbrixgardens.com/garden-restoration/soil-remineralization.html
> <>
> Michael Astera
> The Nutrient Dense Project:
> Science by the People, For the People
> Michael Astera
> http://nutrientdenseproject.com/
> The New Agriculture
> http://thenewagriculture.blogspot.com/
> SoilMinerals.com
> http://www.soilminerals.com/
>    Waaay Beyond Just Organic
> Home | Ideal Soil | Minerals & Fertilizers | Soil Tests | Information |
> Heroes | Contact Us
> Soil Minerals and Soil Prescriptions for Organic Gardeners Home Page
> Complete information on garden soil minerals, nutrients, trace minerals,
> fertilizers and amendments for all gardens, farms, lawns, orchards and
> greenhouses. Our focus is on perfect health and nutrition for soils,
> plants, people and animals through the science of remineralizing and
> balancing soil elements. Products for sale: We sell a full line of
> organic approved soil minerals, trace element minerals, fertilizers and
> fertilizer ingredients and supply laboratory soil testing, consulting,
> and prescription soil fertility advice for Organic, Biodynamic, and
> Sustainable Gardens, Lawns, Landscapes, Greenhouses and Sustainable
> Agriculture Farms.
> http://www.amazon.com/The-Ideal-Soil-Handbook-Agriculture/dp/0984487603
> The Ideal Soil: A Handbook for the New Agriculture [Laser printed]
> [Hardcover-spiral]
> Michael Astera (Author)
> Publication Date: 2010
> The secrets of soil mineral balance that create ideal soil, plant, and
> animal health are revealed here for the first time. The amazing results
> that can be achieved by balancing the major cation minerals Calcium,
> Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium in the soil according to the teachings
> of Dr William Albrecht and Dr Carey Reams have changed the world of
> agriculture. This knowledge has taken the focus away from merely trying
> to achieve high volume yields to achieving the highest yields of the
> highest quality and nutritional value, while building optimal health in
> the soil, the crops, and the people and animals that rely on them for food.
> Hardcover-spiral: 139 pages
> Publisher: SoilMinerals.com; 1ST edition (2010)
> Language: English
> ISBN-10: 0984487603
> ISBN-13: 978-0984487608
> <>
> Soil and Health Library
> http://www.soilandhealth.org/
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