[permaculture] Drylands water capture question

Koreen Brennan cory8570 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 26 00:43:05 EDT 2013

No matter Jason, I'm glad you mentioned nanking wine, sounds delicious. Makes me think the juice would be really good too, and probably loaded with Vitamin C.  I'm intrigued about the passiflora and your other tips about cash crops. Could make a big difference there!  

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I realized my cultural insensitivity about the wine suggestion. My mistake.

I got some passiflora incarnata seeds from Horizon Herbs and grew them out
that way. The P. caerulea seems to produce way more flowers than any other
passionflower I've seen, though my experience is not extensive with
passiflora species. P. caerulea grows well from cuttings rooted in water,
but I haven't tried with other species.

Jason Gerhardt

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