[permaculture] Drylands water capture question

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Jason,  LOL. 

Does the caerulea produce more flowers than the incarnata? How do you propagate the incarnata? Would like to try to grow some up there. Didn't know about this medicinal value:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passiflora_incarnata (at the end of the article)

Your set up sounds great. Maybe I will get out there to see it someday! We did plant some nanking, serviceberry, goldenberry, raspberry, Siberian pea shrub, hazel, buffalo berry, and a few others. They won't be making wine with it up there tho - alcohol is illegal on the rez. But sounds delicious! 

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I thought I might throw you off with that passionflower remark. We have it
in a greenhouse year round. It is the slightly hardy *Passiflora caerulea*.
Makes no fruit worth eating, but thousands of flowers every year. I assign
a student everyday to go in the greenhouse and harvest and set to dry the
days crop (each flower lasts roughly one day only; at peak bloom we get up
to 40 per day). It is one of the highest paying herbs to grow, aside from
wildcrafted stuff and reishi mushroom.

I do have *P. incarnata* outside here, but I just let those make fruits for

Have you planted nanking cherry up at Pine Ridge? These make great
windbreaks and decent fruit. A student of mine turned last years harvest
into a Nanking wine, and wow! Probably the best non-grape fruit wine I've
ever tasted.

Jason Gerhardt

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