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Subject: Re: [SANET-MG] Act TODAY! Don't Wait! Voice your support for SB 
5123, establishing a farm internship program in WA
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Folks! I made my calls on SB 5123, the Farm Internship Bill in Washington
State. I did get a bit of misinformation from Rep. Chopp's office (Speaker
of the House) regarding the bill's status. I was able to call them back and
give them the correct information. First of all, SB 5123 did PASS the
Senate UNANIMOUSLY. Secondly, the bill still has a chance to be voted on
because it is a bill that has a budgetary impact, and the cut-off for
budget bills has NOT expired. This bill still has a chance, but it is up to
US to convince House leadership that it is important and needs to be pulled
from the Rules Committee and VOTED ON THE HOUSE FLOOR THIS SESSION. Please
make your calls!

Voice your support TODAY for SB 5123, establishing a farm internship
program. This bill will help grow new farmers from the ground up.

Please! Call your WA State Representative and also Speaker Frank Chopp and
Rep. Pat Sullivan (Majority Leader).

DON'T WAIT! There's not much time because the legislative session is about
to end, but the bill is finished and has already been approved for a vote
once. Your help is needed to convince the legislature that this bill is
important and deserves a vote. Please ask legislators to pull the bill from
the Rules Committee and pass it off to the floor of the House for a vote.

Here's the information. At this late date, it's best to CALL ON THE PHONE:

Find Your Legislator. Use this link to get the contact info for your WA
State Representative:

Rep. Frank Chopp, Speaker of the House
(360) 786-7920

Rep. Pat Sullivan, Majority Leader
(360) 786-7858

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