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*The 5^th Annual Farm Conference

*On Community And Sustainability

*Register Now! <http://www.thefarmcommunity.com/conference/>*

*May 24-26 Memorial Day Weekend Summertown TN**
*An FIC Co-Sponsored Event <http://www.thefarmcommunity.com/conference/>****



Hi Friends of Community,

The Conference on Community and Sustainability May 24-26 at The Farm in
Summertown, Tennessee is about building solutions.

At a time when the world’s problems seem insurmountable, life in
community continues to deliver on the promise of hope for tomorrow,
that*a better life is achievable in the here and now*, and that when we
work together, we are infinitely stronger than any one of us alone.

First, let me apologize for the previous conference notice that
inadvertently inserted last year's dates. The *dates are May 24-26*.

By hosting our conference on *Memorial Day weekend*, people are able to
use the extra holiday for travel, and I encourage you to take this
opportunity to join us for weekend of inspiration, networking, and the
empowering energy you need to fulfill your vision of a better world.

Again, Saturday is about the *building blocks of community*:

   * *Green Homes*―Illustrating change through where we live
   * *Green Business*―Right Livelihood, work that is seamless with your
   * *Organic Food Production*―You can grow most, if not all of the food
     you and your family eat, right now.
   * *Alternative Education*―Outside the box thinking to nurture the
     leaders of tomorrow.
   * *Midwifery*―Where it all begins. The model for returning the
     sacraments of life to the family.
   * *The Land*―The nucleus of community. Land trusts as a new model for
     shared ownership and stewardship.
   * and more

*Saturday night*will once again feature our *All Farm Vegetarian
Barbecue*, a chance to mix and mingle with the 100+ residents and
families of The Farm Community, always a highlight of the weekend.

On *Sunday* we shift our focus from the *material to the spiritual*, the
real glue that holds a community together through good and hard times.
The act of living in community is to acknowledge that you are part of
something greater than yourself, that what you do matters, and that you
make change in the world by how you manage and focus your attention and

I am proud to work with the FIC for this fifth annual conference. Please
feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas on how you would
like to participate. I look forward to hearing from you.
*Visit Our Web Site <http://www.thefarmcommunity.com/conference/%20> to
Learn More and Register Today


Douglas | douglas at thefarmcommunity.com
<mailto:douglas at thefarmcommunity.com> | douglas at villagemedia.com
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931-964-2590 office | 931-626-4035 cell

*Our fifth conference in partnership with the Fellowship For Intentional


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