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> enjoying a little 'natural' silence~

Dizzy Gillespie, 1950's-1960's American progressive jazz trumpet musician
(he played a modified standard trumpet; the last section with the horn
flare was bent upward about 45 degrees)
played at Memorial Hall at UNC Chapel Hill, NC. I was there. The audience
was applauding as he came on stage and it went on for a while. He started
his performance by saying  "Silence", spoken in French, with accent.
Europeans and Scandinavians loved the new progressive jazz, the movement
and its musicians; some Black musicians, sick of the racist era, left the
USA to live abroad. The era of racism and red baiting led to the harassment
of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky in Philadelphia during one of his
visits to the USA. Igor Stravinsky, yet! Igor Stravinsky!! Hounded by
Lilliputians! Stravinsky's works are so unutterably brilliant and beautiful
they will stand on their own for all time. During that era I heard live
Dave Brubeck, Charlie Mingus, DIzzy Gillespie, Chico Hamilton,
Mitchell-Ruff Duo, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, The New Lost City Ramblers, Ravi
Shankar, Andres Segovia and others

Back to silence.

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