[permaculture] Earthfort April Newsletter - Plant Immunity in Soil Biology

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And this is why I find that all the grafted trees I have are often quickly diseased, even in amended soil, but my seedling fruit trees are hardly affected at all, even in poor unamended soils.
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Earthfort April Newsletter - Plant Immunity in Soil Biology

*University of Delaware researchers show how beneficial soil bacteria
can boost plant immunity*

*by Tracey Bryant, University of Delaware*


A scientific team under the leadership of Harsh Bais, assistant
professor of plant and soil sciences at University of Delaware found
that when pathogens attempt to invade a plant through the tiny open
pores in its leaves, a surprising ally comes to the rescue. Soil
bacteria at the plant's roots signal the leaf pores to close, thwarting
infection. The fascinating defense response is documented in video and
micrographs of live plants taken by confocal and scanning electron
microscopes at UD's Bio-Imaging Center at the Delaware Biotechnology
Institute. The research, which explored the interaction between the soil
bacterium /Bacillus subtilis/ and the laboratory plant Arabidopsis
thaliana, is published in the August issue of The Plant Journal. The
findings underscore both the importance of root-based processes in plant
defense and the potential for bolstering plant immunity naturally.

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