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Earthfort April Newsletter - Plant Immunity in Soil Biology


Earthfort April Newsletter
Soil Biology Education in honor of Earth Day!

   * In recognition of Earth Day, we are discussing current research in
     plant immunity by soil microbiology
   * Integrated Soil Management Workshop is May 20-21 in Corvallis, see
     below for details
   * Check out our Webinars on composting, soil biology and business


*University of Delaware researchers show how beneficial soil bacteria
can boost plant immunity*

*by Tracey Bryant, University of Delaware*


A scientific team under the leadership of Harsh Bais, assistant
professor of plant and soil sciences at University of Delaware found
that when pathogens attempt to invade a plant through the tiny open
pores in its leaves, a surprising ally comes to the rescue. Soil
bacteria at the plant's roots signal the leaf pores to close, thwarting
infection. The fascinating defense response is documented in video and
micrographs of live plants taken by confocal and scanning electron
microscopes at UD's Bio-Imaging Center at the Delaware Biotechnology
Institute. The research, which explored the interaction between the soil
bacterium /Bacillus subtilis/ and the laboratory plant Arabidopsis
thaliana, is published in the August issue of The Plant Journal. The
findings underscore both the importance of root-based processes in plant
defense and the potential for bolstering plant immunity naturally.

*Note:*/Bacillus subtilis/ is just one of the organisms found in
Earthfort's ProVideTM.
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*It Takes a Community of Soil Microbes to Protect Plants From Disease*

*Berkeley Lab scientists decipher immune system for plants beneath our

*by Dan Krotz, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory*

Those vegetables you had for dinner may have once been protected by an
immune system akin to the one that helps you fight disease. Scientists
from the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the Netherland's Wageningen University
found that plants rely on a complex community of soil microbes to defend
themselves against pathogens, much the way mammals harbor a raft of
microbes to avoid infections. In a development that could lead to better
ways to protect food crops from disease, Berkeley Lab scientists
unraveled the community of soil microbes that protect sugar beets from
root fungus

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*Predictive Management of Soil Microbial Communities Using Defined
Amendments to Enhance Production in Organic Cropping Systems *

*Dr. Mark Mazzola, PhD, USDA-ARS, Wenatchee, WA*

Our objective is to garner a greater capacity to manage and predict
development of native soil biology-mediated processes that contribute to
disease suppression and nitrogen availability in organic crop production
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*Workshop: *Sign up early for a discount (see details below)  2-Days:
May 20th and 21st,Corvallis OR

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Register before April 30 at (541) 257-2612.

*Description: *

   * *2-Day Integrated Soil Management Workshop*- If you can measure it,
     you can manage it.  Join us as we explore the basics of soil
     physical, chemical, and biological processes and how to better
     understand your soil ecology in order to manage what you want to
     grow. This workshop is intended for farmers, landscape and ag
     professionals, homeowners, restorationists, and anyone interested in
     better management and remediation of their soil. We will convey
     interrelationships between soil biology and nutrient chemistry, so
     you can manage the system and improve your crop and soil
     remediation.  We'll give you the tools to work within your system's
     ecology rather than against it to save time and money. You are
     encouraged to have your soil biology and chemistry tested in our
     laboratory prior to the workshop so we can take a more in-depth look
     at your soil biology report. Ask us about Landscape Board
     Certification Credits.

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/Educate yourself to remediate soil biology
...and make every day Earth Day!/


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