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Apr 10
Hey all!

This Thursday at 1:30pm

Join us at our HeadQuarters located at 160 Bartley Drive Unit 204, M4A1E1!!

On Thursday April 11th - join Occupy Gardens Toronto and our new Toronto
Seed Library @ The Permaculture Project Headquarters - 160 Bartley Drive
Unit 204, M4A1E1

The Permaculture Project GTA - https://www.facebook.com/TPPGTA
The Toronto Seed Library - www.facebook.com/torontoseedlibrary

The viewing will happen between 2-3pm. Please arrive at around 1:30.
Afterwards we will begin construction on the Permaculture Branch of the
Toronto Seed Library - to be housed at the HQ. Also we will strategize for
the upcoming Permaculture Living Convergence -
https://www.facebook.com/events/309618365833303/ and ways of unifying and
feeding the movement.

<At a seed library, people can borrow seeds for free. They then grow the
fruits and vegetables, harvest the new seeds, and "return" those seeds so
the library can lend them out to others.>

All are welcome to join - bring some snacks for a wee potluck, permaculture
style. Folks are welcome to stick around for longer to enjoy the space and

Link to Webinar ->

The Permaculture Project
We're helping people rethink how they live. And applying Permaculture to
our communities so we can thrive in village!...


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