[permaculture] dandelions in permaculture

John D'hondt dhondt at eircom.net
Wed Apr 10 18:15:18 EDT 2013

Great! We must be doing something right for we reached the exact same 
conclusions years ago all on our own :)
We are not as crazy as our neighbors think we are!

> Sepp Holzer, Toby Hemenway, Owen Hablutzel, Alexia Allen, Jacqueline
> Freeman, Eden Gal, Michael Pilarski and many more.  20 people total.  I
> think Norris Thomlinson said it best that it starts off as a weed, then
> it's a nutrient accumulator so you don't pull it anymore, then it turns 
> out
> also be a food crop, then it turns out to be a major food crop and one of
> the most important things to grow in any garden.
> http://www.permies.com/t/80/712/plants/praise-dandelion#189920
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