[permaculture] Children's food forest

ChildrensPeaceGuild childrenspeaceguild at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 10 16:37:44 EDT 2013

Carolyn Nuttall wrote 'A Children's Food Forest' as well as 'Food Forest Resource Sheets' (a workbook to accompany the book). She has some great ideas for activities, getting kids involved, etc. 

They used to be hard-to-find, so if you have trouble locating a copy I'd be more than happy to lend you mine.

Best of luck,

Children's Permaculture Guild

 From: Koreen Brennan <cory8570 at yahoo.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 4:19 AM
Subject: [permaculture] Children's food forest
I've been given the opportunity to design a children's food forest and possibly related educational programs in a city park and would love to talk to others who are working with children in food forest settings. Would love to share ideas, resources, etc! 
Koreen Brennan

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