[permaculture] Homeopathy

Linda linda_shewan at yahoo.com.au
Mon Apr 8 00:50:36 EDT 2013

It just works. I have used it for myself, kids and animals for years
starting when my first dog couldn't be helped by the Vet. A few doses of
homoeopathic remedy and she was fixed. And if you have watched a toddlers
fever go from 40 to 38 in 10 minutes as I did when I gave my son Belladonna
30x then there is no further questioning. The trick is finding the right
remedy. I had a headache the other day and couldn't shift it, but it went
away that evening. Then it was back in the morning. Remembered one of the
remedies said for headaches that come at sunrise and leave at sunset - one
dose and headache gone. Sure it's all in my head, placeco effect of course,
but the remedies I tried the previous day hadn't worked so why would the
placebo effect happen this time when it didn't the previous day? 

Also works amazingly on plants!

I use helix tosta to stop slugs and snails eating my seedlings, not 100% but
massive improvement! I can actually plant seedlings now which I used to just
despair about and only plant quite advanced plants to get around it.
I used Coccinella septempunctata to help with a massive invasion of white
fly this year and it also definitely made a difference. 


You can ask Kaviraj a question or buy his book! There is a stack of
information in the back issues of the 'Ask Kaviraj' articles.

Cheers, Linda

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