[permaculture] Natural hydroponics, aquatic foodweb & quality food

georg parlow g.parlow at gmx.at
Sun Apr 7 12:16:30 EDT 2013

> Thank you for taking the time t find that. Aquaponics is NOT  
> hydroponics. It bothers me when people confuse them and then make  
> statements based on lack of understanding.

IMHO aquaponics are strictly speaking a sub-category of hydroponics.  
Nowadays there are even more evolved versions around, where pleople  
add EM & Co, urin and other goodies to the fishwater - systems which  
have no commonly agreed on name. Some call it bioponics, some  
permacultural aquaponics, etc. - all this is normal and to be ecpected  
in such a new and growing field. In a smartly designed system the only  
external input (besides sunlight, warmth water) is the fishfood. If we  
feed the fish on refuse (leftovers from oilpressing, kitchenscraps,  
larvae and worms grown on compost, etc), use land that is difficult to  
use in any other way (contaminated, concrete, rooftops, etc), and  
produce right in the neighbourhood where the food will be consumed, I  
do not understand why this is not part of PC. Or, to put it in a more  
accurate way, if this is not part of PC, PC has outlived itself and I  
am not part of it any more either.

Steve was talking about PDC - and raised the question 'what if the  
pump fails?': well, in my PDC I have learned that important functions  
have to be covered in 2 or more ways. So, if my pump is so important,  
and relies on electricity (which is not necessarily so, my limited  
alternative energy knowledge tells me), I just need a backup for my  
solar panel ;)

As for the aspects of taste of produce and the life-web that supports  
it's development, I think Toby's article covered that.


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