[permaculture] Ho' lotta hype

venaurafarm venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Apr 7 00:40:35 EDT 2013

On 4/7/2013 12:25 AM, Steve Hart wrote:

> On the subject of hydroponics I do recall a recent debate raging about
> acquaponics which like hydroponics has little to do with

> Permaculture unless you are supplementing your diet with water products
> like "Water
> Cress" which I do love and know it has a great range of mineral depending

Watercress grows in a hydroponics environment as do cattails and water 
lillies, duckweed and many other aquatic food plants. This shows that 
hydroponics can be used to grow perfectly nutritious food for human 

> what water it comes from. Like previous comments if its not from a rich
> natural source in response to working with nature then...I'm afraid you did

Yes, I'd say that watercress works closely with nature.

> the wrong PDC...and its only a whole lotta hype if ya don't get it and keep
> beating on about something that is not. Like the principles that should
> have been taught in a PDC if ya dont get it ya dont get it....IMO Steve Hart

I didn't just take the wrong PDC I have never taken any PDC. I am self 
taught with everything I do. 1) I cannot afford to take a PDC. 2) I need 
a PDC and know full well the benefits I would receive from such a 
course, i.e. I am a true believer.

You see this is wrong information:

 >>> Which the way I understand hydroponics:  There's no soil, no
 >>> soil-food-web, no soil biology - it's not even agriculture (much less
 >>> permaculture), which helps explain why I become distempered if I eat
 >>> even a little (something which I would not knowingly do).

There is no soil, there is aquaculture foodweb and biology. Read the 
thread on this and pay attention to Toby's input. That will explain all. 
Then Google the subject for more detailed information.

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