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Sat Apr 6 11:51:31 EDT 2013

One of many excellent ongoing discussion threads at Permies.com:
This is a real gem, one of many within the array of forums there.

Air wells and dew ponds


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Subject: air wells
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 22:32:11 -0400
From: paul wheaton daily <gir at richsoil.com>

This is something that came up while Sepp was in Bozeman.  And then I 
noticed we didn't have a thread about it at permies.   So today Cassie 
set us up with one.

The low tech version is simple.  When you have a stack or rocks, the 
rocks in the middle are cool.  When warm summer air passes through the 
rocks, water condenses on the inner rocks.  Thus sorta watering that spot.

Air wells are taking that same idea and scaling them up.  I think there 
is a lot of research still to be done in this space.


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