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Great to see you back Bob, I missed you and your thoughtful comments!


"The real proof of intelligence is demonstrating that you understand
how to integrate living systems together so that everybody's life is
improved in the whole food web. The landscapes are littered with
burned out farms and burned out rivers and burned out oceans -- that
is not any display of intelligence. Pay your farmworkers fair wages,
regardless of their species, and grow brains instead of chemical
industry fortunes." -- Lion Kunz

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A holistic look at the world situation explores what it means to go from 
bad to worse. The earth's systems -- biological, economic, political -- 
  continue to degenerate and fall apart and the velocity of the 
devolution appears to be accelerating.  Entropy is gaining ground.

As hundreds become thousands and thousands become millions, we build a 
better future, one life at a time, when people take control of their own 
destinies and design a plan for a life and way of living that cares for 
people, cares for the planet, and has a care for the future. This would 
be a corps of barefoot permaculturists.

Everyone does not need to know how to do complicated permaculture 
designs for large and complex properties. What everybody does need 
though is enough permaculture knowledge and skill and understanding so 
that they can intelligently design their own lives, and manage their 
interdependencies and relationships with others, so that they and all 
that they do cares for the planet, cares for people, and cares for the 

People can do this by forming small groups to study permaculture and 
learn from each other. You can use free materials found online, like the 
Permaculture Design Pamphlets available for free at 
http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/PDC_ALL.pdf . People can use 
books from the library or buy the Permaculture Design Manual. Or they 
can spend $1.99 for a copy of the ebook iPermie, which specifically 
advocates this kind of grassroots approach, and in its 399K words, gives 
some ideas for strategies and tactics that are useful in real life. See 
http://www.ipermie.net for more information and links to versions in 
various formats (Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple devices and 
phones, etc.)

The future is designed every moment of every day.  What future does your 
life design for you and all you love?

Bob Waldrop

http://www.ipermie.net -- How to permaculture your urban lifestyle
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