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Winter, rain irrigated crops.
Rain water harvest at home.
Self-seeding lettuces.
Snail control.
Onion nursery and kitchen garden trees and names.
Plum harvest and share of surplus.
Pest repellant plants.
"Non chemical" pest traps.
Kitchen garden duck as weeds and pests control
Chickens and trees stacking
The function of bees.
"If there's a food crisis ..."
Green house springtime crops
Tomato and melon crop management
Winter and spring crops, fava crop and lettuce harvest
"Flowers lover"
"Petrol/Oil for cooking and light at home or gas for transport ...".
Grafting citrus tree ("not for us, maybe for the next generation...")
Picking oranges from tall tree technique
Hand-made potato harvest and impact of organic fertilizer on
development of potato root system
Motorcycle engine failure
Concrete water tank tap for flood irrigation
Ancient waterwell and underground water storage for irrigation
Sunken bed hand planting cabbages and peppers
Sunken bed watering and hose trick
Water and fertilization needs of cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers
Watering onions with hose shower
Grace of flowers and chores in the kitchen garden
Kitchen garden plants and damage by spring time rain on crops


"Alface" / "Lettuce" - The pleasure of looking after and being in the
kitchen garden. The knowledge of the people in the village, Aldeia das
Amoreiras (Odemira, South west of Portugal)

Text en français

Soon with subtitles in portuguese, french and english.

thanks for sharing

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