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Tue Apr 2 14:53:45 EDT 2013

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Subject: full movies:  how cuba survived peak oil; thrive
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2013 14:41:44 -0400
From: paul wheaton daily <gir at richsoil.com>

This just came onto my radar.  Two full length movies worth watching. 
So I've embedded them at permies.

1)   How Cuba Survived Peak oil.   When the iron curtain fell, Cuba's 
oil imports were cut by about 95%.  Suddenly they could not do 
agriculture the way they did before.  So they ended up going down 
permaculture road.


2)   Over a year ago, Jocelyn and I recorded a podcast review of the 
movie "Thrive".  Back then you had to pay five bucks to watch the movie. 
  Now it's free!


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